Honesty, courage and rock’n roll!

Ka-Mu Oy is a subcontracting workshop founded in 1982 that focuses on demanding customer-tailored products.

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– Our story

High-end engineering workshop appreciated by its staff and customers

Ka-Mu Oy is a subcontracting workshop founded in 1982 that focuses on demanding customer-tailored products. We are located in Karstula in Central Finland and employ almost 30 self-directed professionals. Our operations are project-based and our customers are domestic and international companies known for their high-quality products.

By maintaining positive development and a good spirit, we can approach the future of our company with confidence. This requires us to be innovative, brave and willing to develop our own operations in a responsible and customer-oriented manner.

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– A company who cares

Everyone can be themselves

People create the business. Ka-Mu cares about its employees and the trust between employees and management is strong and open. We are specialists in the field and work self-directed in a low hierarchy, trusting in our own doing.

When the well-being of the personnel and a unique customer experience are the company’s number one priorities, we have the best conditions for continuous development. By developing operating models and personnel skills, we guarantee a positive customer and employee experience.

– What does Ka-Mu do?

A reliable high-class and competent machine workshop

Ka-Mu produces engineering services with a very wide spectrum, because modern CNC production equipment, 3D design, solid professionalism and certified operating models guarantee the high quality of our products and operations. We at Ka-Mu are motivated even by seemingly impossible parts, because we see it as a good challenge.

Our core competencies are, among other things, the manufacture of products that require precise measurements and high quality. Our competitive advantage is highly skilled people. Every production employee does his work using our CAD/CAM system. Ka-Mu is therefore a high-class and competent machine shop and a reliable operator in its field.

At Ka-Mu, experts from different fields work in, for example, management, sales and marketing, procurement, machining, design and product development. Diverse skills guarantee Ka-Mu’s strong technical expertise. Quality is one of the most important things, and the pursuit of it guides us in every step of manufacturing the product.

– What drives Ka-Mu forward?

A unique customer experience is created through the well-being of the staff

In order for our work to move forward in a customer-oriented and employee-oriented manner, we have agreed on the following common rules. By nurturing them, we take care of the development of our operations with a people-oriented approach.

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High-end engineering workshop appreciated by its staff and customers


The most positive workshop in Finland


Honesty, courage and rock’n roll!

Value proposition

Courage and knowledge to surprise positively

– our customers

Our courage and competence surprises positively

Valmet Oyj, which manufactures paper machines, has been a customer of Ka-Mu since the 80s and is still one of our biggest customers.

Maillefer Extrusion, which is the world’s leading supplier of power cable production systems, has been a customer of Ka-Mu since the 2010s. Our cooperation with Maillefer Extrusion has grown and expanded year by year. The customer has grown into one of the most significant subcontractor/main contractor cooperation relationships for Ka-Mu.

In addition, Ka-Mu has a few other important accounts, each of whom is among the greatest in their field in the world.

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– The largest billet parts manufacturer in Europe was born as a result of passionate work


Ka-Mu also has its own BlingFactory online store, where the customers are snowmobile enthusiasts in Europe. We develop and manufacture billet parts and sets of parts needed for snowmobile tuning. Blingfactory’s customers in the Nordic countries are also snowmobile maintenance shops and retailers, who equip the sleds they sell to their customers with BlingFactory parts.

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