High-end engineering workshop appreciated by its staff and customers

With uncompromising work we have developed our know-how in the field for decades

Our story

– More than just a contract manufacturer

Reliable partner

A small subcontractor machine shop has grown into a significant employer in its region through uncompromising work. Today, we are more than just a contract manufacturer. We are a flexible engineering service company whose know-how we have been developing for years. Our core competence is, among other things, the production of products that require precise measurements and high quality.

Our competitive advantage is highly skilled experts, for example in CAD/CAM expertise. Every Ka-Mu employee who operates knows how to use CAM design software. We produce engineering services with a very wide spectrum, with quality at the center of what we do.

– High quality machinery

CNC machining

Modern CNC machine tools form the core of our production. We have 15 CNC machine tools – machining centers and lathes. Some of our machining centers are 4- or 5-axis machines. A few of our lathes are equipped with rotating tools. All of our production is based on 3D modeling, which every one of our machinists is professional at. The largest working area is 1300 x 760 mm.

With the help of multi-axis machine tools, we are able to manufacture very diverse pieces. We can machine a wide range of different materials, for example different plastic grades, structural steels, alloyed steels, acid-resistant steels, bronze alloys and different aluminum alloys.

– In close collaboration with our customers

Design and Product development

Design and product development services include product design and development with 3D tools, creation of individual parts and 3D modeling. We use laser scanning and 3D modeling in so-called reverse engineering design by fitting the manufactured products to the existing structure. Our customers can send us a part they need to renew. The part may be damaged, or it is hoped that new parts will be fitted to it. Using a laser scanner, we are able to create a 3D model of an existing part for further design.

Ka-Mu also employs product development experts who do product development and planning for our own products sold in the online store. We work closely with our customers, developing new products to meet their needs. Often, the customer gets a product developed based on his idea to test for himself free of charge. After the testing period, the product will be put up for sale in our BlingFactory online store.

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– Not only machining

Wire EDM cutting and spark erosion machining

Electronic spark machining (EDM) is a method of manufacturing metal objects in which material is removed from a metal piece immersed in an electrolytic liquid with the help of electricity. EDM utilizes the thermal erosion caused by electric sparks on the surface of the workpiece. The advantage of the method is its accuracy and suitability for hardened materials. EDM can be used to make very difficult, high-tolerance shapes that cannot be made by machining.

Welding for many different materials

  • Aluminum welding

  • Welding of acid-resistant and stainless steels

  • Welding of structural steel

  • Welding of steels for quenching and tempering

  • Welding methods – TIG, MIG, MAG, MMA

– We offer flexibility and ease – from start to finish

Logistics, assembly and finishing

We want to make our service as easy and smooth as possible for our customers, so logistics, assembly and finishing are part of our services. Assembly and finishing are automatically included in the delivery. We can deliver the subassembly directly to the final destination where it is assembled directly on the production line.

– Largest snowmobile billet-parts manufacturer and seller in Europe


In addition to professional subcontracted products, we also want to produce high-quality products for individual customers. We produce and sell billet-parts made of high-quality aluminum alloys for tuning snowmobiles and cars. We are currently Europe’s largest manufacturer and seller of snowmobile billet parts.

With billet parts, you can improve the appearance of your vehicle, as well as improve its performance, durability and usability. In many cases, billet parts are also used to replace original snowmobile parts. Blingfactory was born from the interests and hobbies of Ka-Mu’s own employees.

You can find the online store at www.blingfactory.fi

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